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    The Complicated Relationship Between Books and Movies


    The relationship between books and movies has been long and complex. While literary types view the film world with suspicion, there is recognition that books are often source materials for the visual medium.

    The Film Industry as a Setting for Novels

    The film industry, especially Hollywood, provides a rich setting for novels. The characters, location, and insider business all create an inviting landscape for fictional imagining. Jess Walter’s (2012) and Anthony Marra’s (2022) are examples of novels with Hollywood as the background.

    Tom Hanks’ Debut Novel

    Tom Hanks has released his first novel, (Knopf, May 9). Hanks, best known for his big-screen performances, takes the reader behind the scenes in the making of a Marvel-style superhero movie. In this humorous, big-hearted novel, things go awry creating a loose-limbed Hollywood yarn.

    Sammy Harkham’s Graphic Novel

    Sammy Harkham offers a darker vision of Hollywood machinations in (Pantheon, May 2). The protagonist of this graphic novel is Seymour, a horror-film editor in seedy 1970s Los Angeles. As Seymour descends deeper into the lurid excesses of the business, his home life implodes, and his wife takes off to New Zealand with their young son.

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    In conclusion, the intricate relationship between books and movies provides a rich landscape for fictional imagining. From lighthearted portrayals like Tom Hanks’ to darker stories like Sammy Harkham’s, the film industry remains a popular backdrop for novels. Browse https://www.movieandfood.com to find books and movies that align with your interest!

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