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Snacks for Cinema: A Guide to the Best Movie Treats, from Classic Popcorn to Nachos and Ice Cream


Snacks for Cinema: Moose Caught on CCTV Munching on Popcorn

A movie theatre in Alaska, US had an unexpected guest show up at the cinema. A moose was caught on CCTV wandering into a cinema and munching on some popcorn.

Young Moose Finds Popcorn at Kenai Cinemas

According to a report by, the young moose entered the Kenai Cinemas at around 9 pm and was there for about 5 minutes. The video which is going viral across social media platforms shows a young moose sniffing around the concession stand before locating an abandoned tray of popcorn.

Moose Craves More than Popcorn

The animal did not stop there, it turned to a garbage can for more food and even got its nose stuck inside McDonald’s Happy Meal box. Ricky Black, the general manager at Kenai Cinemas told KTUU, “Our popcorn had him enticed. He was pretty focused on that. I guess he was tired of eating bark for the winter.”

Employees Shoo Moose Away

In the video, one employee can be seen recording a video of the moose. The employee can be heard calling for manager Ricky Black who said he was working upstairs at the time, according to UPI.

“She was behind the counter. She wasn’t in immediate danger from the moose,” Mr Black told the Alaska Daily News of the employee. “And she’s like, ‘Stop laughing. This is serious.'”

The employees shouted at the moose and even banged on walls until it left the building. The moose entered Kenai Cinemas at around 9 pm on April 19 with craving breaks into to quench hunger.

Best Snacks for Cinema: A Guide

Now that we know how discerning the palates of Alaska’s moose can be, let’s dive into some of the best snacks for cinema-goers.

Classic Popcorn

No movie experience is complete without a classic bucket of buttery popcorn. Whether you like it salty or sweet, movie theatre popcorn hits different. Just be sure to keep an eye out for any precocious moose!

Candy Selection

Indulging in some candy is a cheeky cinema tradition that never gets old. From chewy gummy bears to sour candy belts, the options are endless. Plus, candy won’t distract from the film, so it’s perfect for snacking while you watch.


For those who prefer something a little more savory, nachos are the perfect snack. Cheese, salsa, and tortilla chips make for a mouth-watering combination. Plus, the messier the better – you’re in a dark cinema, so nobody can see your food smeared all over your face!

Ice Cream

Cool, creamy, and comforting, ice cream is always a hit at the movies. Whether you opt for a classic scoop in a cone or a more indulgent sundae, it’s always a great snack option.

Combo Deals

If you can’t quite decide what to snack on, many cinemas offer combo deals that include a little bit of everything. From popcorn and a drink to nachos and candy, these deals allow you to mix and match your favorite snacks without breaking the bank.

Healthy Snack Options

For those health-conscious movie-goers, there are plenty of healthy snack options too. Fruit cups, trail mix, and even veggie chips are all great alternatives to the classic junk food options.


While it may seem like an unusual snack choice for us humans, who are used to munching down on hot dogs and nachos, it’s nice to know that even Alaska’s moose appreciate a good bucket of popcorn. Whatever your preferred snacks for cinema, there’s no denying that indulging in some treats while watching a movie is a time-honored tradition.

So, grab your favorite snack and settle in for the next blockbuster – hopefully, without any unexpected furry guests!

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