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Movie Theater Drinks: A Guide to Beverages at the Movies


Movie Theater Drinks: A Guide to Beverages at the Movies

Going to the movies is not just about watching a film, it’s an experience that involves all the senses. The popcorn, candy, and soda fountain are staples of the movie theater experience, and for good reason! Here’s a guide to movie theater drinks that will help you make the most of your next trip to the cinema.

Overview of Movie Theater Drinks

When it comes to movie theater drinks, there are a few options to choose from. The most common options include:

  • fountain soda
  • bottled water
  • juice
  • iced tea
  • energy drinks

Some movie theaters also offer alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine, in limited locations or VIP screenings.

Fountain Sodas

Fountain sodas are a staple of the movie theater experience. These drinks are typically served in large cups with plenty of ice. Some theaters offer free refills, while others offer discounted refills. Additionally, theaters often offer a wide variety of flavors, including Diet Coke, Sprite, and Dr. Pepper, among others.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is another popular option for moviegoers looking to stay hydrated. While it may seem like a simple choice, it’s one of the best options for staying hydrated during a long movie. Some theaters offer flavored water options, such as Vitamin Water or Smart Water.

Juice and Iced Tea

Juice and iced tea are other options for those who want a more flavorful beverage. These drinks offer a sweet, refreshing flavor that can be a great complement to a salty snack or popcorn. Some theaters offer a variety of juice flavors, like apple, orange, and cranberry.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are often seen as controversial due to their high caffeine and sugar content. Some movie theaters offer energy drinks options, but with a limit on consumption, due to this. These drinks are often marketed to young people, so it’s important to drink them in moderation.

Best Movie Theater Drinks Combinations

Some popular movie theater drinks combinations include:

  1. Soda and Popcorn
  2. Bottled Water and Candy
  3. Iced tea and Nachos
  4. Juice and a Hot Dog

Alcoholic Beverages

While not as common as soda or water, some movie theaters offer alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine, for those who are of legal drinking age only. Some theaters offer these drinks in VIP screenings or at their designated bars or restaurants, rather than in concessions areas.


Going to the movies is an event that involves all the senses, including taste. Movie theater drinks, such as fountain soda, bottled water, juice, and iced tea, help to complete the movie experience. While alcohol may be available, it’s important to remember to drink in moderation and always take a designated driver or use a ride-sharing service to get home safely.

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