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Films About Food: A Delicious Collection for Your Next Movie Night



If you’re a foodie, love the drama of a kitchen, or like exploring the weird and wonderful world of food, we have the perfect line up for your next movie night. So get your popcorn or strangely unique movie snack and tuck in! We’ve included a short synopsis about each film to help you choose your next movie-night pick.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

In Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, local inventor (and town nuisance), Flint Lockwood develops a new machine that develops food out of water for a hungry town. But, it soon spirals out of control. We hope you brought your appetite.

Scenes show characters in danger from falling pieces of giant food. Infrequent mild bad language includes ‘crap’. A scene shows a monkey throwing brown lumps at people. A character realizes he is actually throwing around his own droppings.

The Princess and the Frog

In The Princess and the Frog, Tiana is a waitress in 1920s New Orleans, dreaming of owning her own restaurant – but first, she must break a curse. Some mild scary scenes are counterbalanced by comedy and are reassuringly resolved. There is some very mild slapstick violence. There are some mild scary scenes, most of which feature a villain who practices voodoo, as well as an army of shadow creatures who briefly threaten people. There are scenes in which dolls come to life, a scene in which a villain is dispatched by colorful ghouls, a scene in which a poacher flings knives into a tree while chasing the heroine, and the heroes being threatened by alligators. There is infrequent very mild bad language (‘butt’). Sexual content is limited to some kissing and undetailed references to ‘getting comfortable’. There is very brief sight of blood when a character is bitten.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, young Charlie Bucket wins a coveted golden ticket to visit the eccentric Willy Wonka’s mysterious chocolate factory. But, not everything is as it seems. This one is for the dessert-lovers.

Occasional scenes of mild threat include a character being chased by a large wasp, a child being turned into a giant blueberry, a character dodging a knife when he is transported into a scene from a film, and a child being swarmed by squirrels. There is also a scene in which some singing mannequins catch fire and melt. There is infrequent use of mild bad language, including ‘hell’, ‘jerk’, and ‘boogers’. An unsympathetic character also uses the term ‘retard’, although his usage is not condoned or approved of. Infrequent scenes of comic violence include a girl beating up some men in a karate lesson.

Julie and Julia

In Julie and Julia, food blogger Julie Powell decides to take on the challenge of recreating all 524 recipes from the classic cookbook of her favorite chef, Julie Childs. Based on a true story.

There is infrequent strong language (‘f**k’), as well as some milder bad language (for example, ‘bitch’). In one scene, a woman says “These damn things are as hot as a stiff cock” whilst juggling hot cannelloni from a boiling pan in her hand. The phrase is light-hearted and highlights surprise at a risqué phrase used by a woman in the 1950s. There are also several kissing scenes, some in underwear or on beds.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, legendary archaeologist Indiana Jones is on a dangerous mission to rescue a sacred stone, stolen in 1930s India. There’s some food, we promise.

Scenes of moderate violence include shootings, stabbings, fistfights, and the use of a whip. In one scene, a man is killed inside a rock crushing machine, although sight of blood and injury detail is limited. A priest mysteriously extracts the still-beating heart from the chest of a sacrificial victim using his bare hand. The victim is subsequently lowered into a volcanic pit, and although the man’s body is not seen burning, his heart bursts into flames. Other scenes of threat include chase sequences, encounters with large insects, and characters hanging on to a collapsing rope bridge.


In Chef, Carl Casper quits his position as head chef at a prestigious restaurant in Los Angeles and heads home to Miami to start his own food-truck business. While trying to piece together his estranged family, Carl desperately seeks to reignite his passion for food.

Multiple uses of strong language (‘fk’ and ‘motherfker’). Other bad language includes uses of ‘prick’, ‘asshole’, ‘shit’, and ‘douche’. Moderate sex references include men joking about ‘getting pussy’ and having a ‘threeway’. One man also warns misbehaving colleagues to ‘grab their ankles’ and is seen holding a long stick of bread in front of his groin in a suggestive manner. Other issues include scenes of smoking, with a couple sharing a roll up that could be a joint.

The Dinner

In The Dinner, a group of diners are invited to sample a celebrated chef’s lavish tasting menu, only for their meal to take some dark twists.

A woman is stabbed in the throat with a knife, resulting in blood spurting from the wound. A man’s finger is chopped off, with sight of bloody injury detail. There are fight scenes in which characters are hit in the head with objects such as a saucepan and kitchen machinery. A man is stabbed in the thigh with scissors. Frightened characters are menaced in various ways that escalate throughout the film, and they are threatened with death. Men are made to run through darkened woods to escape capture. There are scenes of knife and gun threat. There is strong language (‘motherfker’, ‘fk’) and milder terms like ‘bitch’, ‘whore’, ‘prick’, ‘shit’, ‘ass’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Christ’, and ‘God’. There is a verbal reference to a man masturbating in front of a woman. A man shoots himself in the head, resulting in a spurt of blood, and another man sets himself on fire. A man is found hanging, but we do not see this act take place. There are verbal references to the domestic abuse a man witnessed his drunk father inflict upon his mother when he was a boy. A woman talks about being sexually harassed in her workplace.

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There you have it, a variety of films about food that will satisfy both your hunger and your love for cinema. Whether you prefer animated adventures, heartwarming stories, or thrilling culinary experiences, these movies have it all. So grab your favorite snacks, gather your friends or family, and enjoy a fantastic movie night filled with delicious treats and mouthwatering stories. Remember, good food and great films are the perfect recipe for a memorable evening. Enjoy!

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